Menu card designs

You can choose the menu card design which suits for your restaurant and your needs for your menu card. By clicking "I want this design" on the menu card that you like the most, you can start editing your menu card.


On the cover pages (and on the other parts of the brochure too) if you move the mouse cursor on an editable object, the mouse cursor will change to a pointer and the object will rotate a bit. Now you can click on the object and you can change it!

If you want to add a new meal into a category, just click on the shown up “add new meal” button. In the case you have multiple possibilities, some other smaller icons will be shown next to the add new button. Usually you can choose from 1 priced or 2 priced meals or with or without image. If you move your mouse to the button, it will change.

You can add a new category exactly the same way as the meals, you just need to click on the “add new category” or “add new layout” button on the end of the page content. Sometimes you have more possibilities on new category too. If you move your mouse to the button, it will change.

If you want to change the meals and categories, you just have to click on the object you want to modify and you edit it. If the field is empty it will be selected, so you can start to type.

You can move the objects easily on the menu cards if you grab it on the small arrow icon which is shown up in editing mode. On those places where the menu card can accept the moved object, a light rectangle will appear to placehold the area for the moved object. If you want to move to another page, just move the object on the top or bottom of the window to scroll through to the actual page.

You can remove the objects by moving them to the trash bin on the right bottom of the window. If you move it on the bin, the icon size will be bigger and you can drop the object to remove it.


You can remove the unnecessary menu designs or brochure if you click on the appearing “pencil” icon on the left sidebar next to the actual list object.

After you clicked on "pencil" button, you have to click on "Delete design" or "Delete brochure" button to remove the selected object.


On the cover pages or on meals with image, you can upload your own pictures or choose one from our gallery (with premium subscription). Just click on the upload button and choose from the possiblities. If you want to upload just browse your picture from your computer. With premium subscription, you can select a picture from our expanding gallery! But be aware, always use good quality pictures because the poor quality will muss up the menu card in the printing office!

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